Students At Your Service

Students At Your Service is a student community service organization created to support on-campus service activities and off-campus community programs. Students have the opportunity
to serve as project leaders and participate in various service activities.

Community service helps the student volunteer explore career choices and gain practical knowledge while contributing to the well-being of the community.

The number of hours a student volunteers is flexible. A student can participate in one or more activities based on their availability.

  1. Volunteer opportunities can be found in the monthly S.A.Y.S. newletter. The newsletter is produced by the moderator and spotlights a volunteer site each month.

  2. An updated list of off-campus volunteer opportunities is available by clicking here. The list provides contact information and brief job descriptions.

  3. S.A.Y.S. meetings take place in the Campus Center every other week. The meetings are open to everyone. You can find meeting information posted in the Campus Center or on the Campus Calendar.


If you would like more information about SAYS or any of its upcoming events, please e-mail us.