Position Paper Expectations for EDUC 580


1. Title at top Educational Leadership Position Paper

2. Has 3 separate and labeled parts:

    A. Reflections

        1. Weekly entries

        2. End of each course reflections

        3. Included as section of Performance Portfolio

    B. Philosophy

        1. Is reflective of essence and spirit of PA Code 354.33 pg. 42 Manual

        2. Is reflective of essence and spirit of ISLLAC /Standards pg. 50 Manual

    C. Professional Development Plan

        1.  Goals have measurable outcomes & are consistent with the 12 HFC Educational Leadership
             Program Goals

        2. Includes review and reflection on what was learned from of 21st Century Assessment

        3. Contains goals reflective of this learning in following three areas:

            a. Leadership development see pg. 22 Manual

            b. Relationships with others see pg. 23 Manual

            c. Personal growth development see pg 24 Manual